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If U order several products, will they all come in one box?

We take pride in announcing that ALL of your products ship right out of our facility! We do it all for you, shipped right to your front door. If you have a larger order there is a possibility that you may receive more than one Box That Rocks, but wait until you see our boxes - you'll want to order even more!

In simple English, we guarantee our calendars.

We will replace any calendars that are defective (printing blemishes, missing, torn, or loose pages, damaged in transit, etc.).

You are fully responsible for spelling and grammar errors, missing text, improperly sized text, etc. You are also responsible for images that do not print crisply due to low resolution (our software will assess the resolution of each image and let you know if the resolution is less than ideal).

We process all orders through a secure shopping cart and your credit card is charged upon receipt of the order. If for some reason you choose to cancel your order, we will issue a credit to your card. If you change or add to your order, there will be an additional transaction on your credit card. Calendar Press is our parent company and is the name that will appear on your credit card statement.